Client Comments

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Jack & Taylor,

I was able to make the changes they requested to the rentals page. I think the end result is pretty good. You were right. I love the template. So easy to work with! I’ll be recommending you and Taylor if anyone asks me about designers in the future.

Bill Kirwin
Information Technology Thaumaturgist
Botello Lumber Company



I’ve got to commend you on the work you’ve done with our website. I just searched on it tonight to check some details and my god, it makes me proud to be part of our organization. It is engaging, organized and creative.

Thank you, thank you!!!!

Rachael Burbank
Social Media Manager
The Glenna Kohl Fund for Hope



Hi Jack,
E-mail is working well and everyone is happy. The website continues to draw compliments. Next week I will be in touch to set up a training for Cathy and make password changes.

Thanks for an excellent job!

Bob Garside
Chief Operations Officer
Posner Industries